Friday, June 19, 2015

Not your standard morning coffee

(as we head out the door)

Marty: Wait. (holds up coffee cup)
I need to add a few thermal units to this.

Me: You know, we humans usually just say we're going to nuke it for a few.

Marty: (disgusted look) Microwaves don't use nuclear fission to produce thermal energy, everyone knows that.

Me: Well you know, it's just a saying.

Marty: A totally inaccurate one.

Me: Yeah, I'll see what I can do about changing that for you.

Marty: You do that.



  1. why do we call it nuke it??

    although adding a few thermal units doesn't seem quite accurate either... since that isn't something you can physically add.. I would think increase would be more accurate.. but I'm guessing Marty would know more about that then I.

  2. about "I'm gonna warm this up?" haha

  3. Human's say "nuke it for a few"???? That's a new one on me!! MOL

  4. I generally add ice to mine so I am the odd woman out

  5. PLAIN Thermal units? What happened to BTUS?