Saturday, July 4, 2015

A High Flyin' Fourth

Me: I gotta admit, life with a physicist can be pretty cool sometimes.

Especially when it comes to celebrating the 4th of July.

At altitude.

(okay, he might have had a little help flying the plane...)

Marty: Did I ever tell you I hate it when you do the backseat driving thing in the air?
Me: Well, technically, it wouldn't be backseat driving...

Marty: I'm serious. I've been a pilot about 20 years longer than you have.
And you do it when we drive, too.

Me: Um. Well... uh...
Oh wow, look at that! Soooo cool!




  1. that is one very cool photo, and a totally great dodge ;)

  2. Keep your eyes on the road—or something like that.

  3. Thanks for another view of the 4th - without the noise!

  4. Totally pawsome photos! What a different perspective.

  5. Mowzer! Pawsome pix Ms Lisa. But I has a question for da Fizzycist (remember I's a cat so it not dumb ok?). When yoo up so high do da big BOOMERS rattle da plane like dey do our windows sometimes? time dey rattled our windows. It was enuff.

    1. Well it's sometimes hard to tell. We were flying in a pattern around a lake - the fireworks were being shot off at its shore. And any time you fly over a body of water there's mild turbulence due to the temperature differential between water and land. So...maybe?