Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Physicist's Watch

Me: So Kristin was showing us her new Apple Watch at work today.
       You should totally get one.
Marty: Why?

Me: It does everything. It keeps time, it has a stopwatch on it, an alarm... It has a calculator --
Marty: Mine does too. See?
Me: Yeah but hers isn't 20 years old.

Marty: So what? Mine has tons of functionality.

Me: Yeah, but yours can't receive texts. Or keep track of the miles you run.
Marty: Technically, hers can't either. It's just synching with her phone.
Me: And it synchs with her phone, too! See what I mean?


Marty: Why would anyone want to read a text on their wrist anyway?
Me: Well there goes my only idea for your birthday present.



  1. Oh Wow, i remember those Casio watches.

  2. Considering the Apple Watch is $500 this is looking like a better present..