Sunday, August 9, 2015

Glasses, and a lesson in tact (or not)

Me: I hate my new glasses. Haaaaaaaaaaaaate them.
Marty: Did you measure them? I told you to measure them.
Me: I did! I measured, like a gazillion times.

Marty: You have to measure the lens width.
Me: I diiiiiid! 
Marty: Did you measure the bridge across the nose?
Me: Yesssssss.

Marty: Did you measure the earpiece?
Me: I'm not a complete idiot, you know.
Marty: Did you measure the lens depth?

Marty: You didn't, did you.
Me: Ummmm...
Marty: Well no wonder they look so round.
Me: *wails* I look like freakin' Harry Potter!!!

Marty: Well that's what you get for not measuring. I told you to measure.
Me: They're UGLY.

Marty: Well, yeah.
Me: *glare*

Dude. You're supposed to tell me they're not that bad.

Marty: I'm a physicist. We deal in fact, not tact.
Me: Omigod, seriously. Tell me that's NOT a bumper sticker somewhere.

Marty: Hey, wonder if they'd sell....





  1. if that isn't a bumper sticker, it should be. and we think your glasses are lovely

  2. They would sell, and those glasses ARE cute..

  3. Definitely develop that bumper sticker. There's money there!!
    Sorry you don't like your spectacles.. from what I see, they are cute