Thursday, February 28, 2019

Exploding Ovens

...and then there was the time when the oven exploded.
(one month after the generator caught fire, but I digress)

First, there was this text.
No explanation. Just a photo.

Of course, I remained completely calm and rational about the entire thing.
I mean, seriously, who knows what physicists might put inside an oven on any given day.


I submit to you Exhibit A.
(yeah it really did happen. Blah, blah, winter weather, poluyrethane needs to be applied at a certain temperature, blah blah...)

I submit that my response was perfectly reasonable.



  1. OMG!!! He put paint in the oven???

    1. Well, ah, it was actually a gallon of polyurethane. Yup. And it was on low, just to warm it up. And it was 5 years ago.
      This thing that happened? Totally a manufacturer's defect. The thing literally went BOOM.

    2. It was on SELF CLEAN. HAH. And those brown spots in the photo? SCORCH MARKS. All over his nice polyurethaned floor *cue mad laughter*

  2. O. M. G. You couldn't possibly make this stuff up.